Here’s a video from Sofar Sounds Odense last friday:

May 22nd 2017

A Wonderful Spring!

We’re playing the last two shows of the spring tour this coming Thursday (Jelling musikfestival) and Monday (Tivoli, Copenhagen). It’s been wonderful to play all over the country and everywhere we’ve been, we’ve been amazed by the kindness and great turnout.

One, among many great experiences, was without a doubt playing this years Spotfestival in Aarhus. A 30 min showcase with a lot of obstacles, but we managed to play a good show in front of a totally packed venue. The music magazine Gaffa gave it 5 out of 6 stars and a great review. Now we are getting ready for the last two shows this time around. But you can find us at selected venues over the summer, I’ll keep you posted! And we’re planning on recording a couple of songs over summer, so there might be another album in the works 😉

Thank you for a great spring! See you ou there! //KV

March 2nd 2017

Spring 2017

We jumped the gun a bit on our upcoming tour, and played a secret mini concert at Sofar Sounds Aarhus yesterday. We had the chance to try out a new tune, and we can’t wait for this coming Saturday, when the tour starts for real at Walther’s Musicafé in Skanderborg. Dates are still being added to the tour, and there are a few really exciting gigs coming up later this spring! We’ll announce soon! So come out and see us, I am bringing the new vinyl, and it’s sounding exactly like it should, Thomas Holm did a great job mastering it!! See you out on the road //KV

December 27th 2016

Kajsa Vala on Vinyl

I am happy to announce, that the vinyl edition of the album ‘Kajsa Vala’ is being printed at this very moment! It will be available at my 2017-shows (dates up now). The vinyl edition of the album is featuring both the CD bonus-track ‘I’m Still Your Girl’ and extra track, recorded live in the studio. So pick up a copy this spring! //Kajsa


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